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Cohesion and Safety Night 2022


Every year, we hold an occasion to show our appreciation to our staff and recognise their hard work and resilience. It also gives our staff an opportunity to meet the management team. The last Cohesion and Safety Night was held on 19th October 2019.

This year, we celebrated on 3th Dec 2022. The celebration saw participation by our staff across all the sections. We celebrated with a sumptuous buffet dinner, safety awards and lucky draws.

Photo 1: Pre-event Health and Safety brief conducted by the HSE Department

Our Managing Director, Mr Sumiya opened the event by addressing our staff. He thanked all for their contribution and for showing exemplary commitment to workplace safety and health.

Photo 2: Opening address by Mr Sumiya Takeshi (Managing Director, Mirador Building Contractor Pte Ltd).

Every year, employees with the best health and safety performance are selected by the company as recipients for the ‘Outstanding Safety Performance Award’. This year, 2 employees from the Scaffold Section were awarded the ‘Outstanding Safety Performance Award’ for their excellence health and safety performance for year 2022. The employees are:
1. Das Sajib
2. Rahman Sadekur

Photo 3: ‘Outstanding Safety Performance Award’ recipients for year 2022. From left – Mr Dex Ko (General Manager),  Mr Das Sajib, Mr Rahman Sadekur, Mr Sumiya Takeshi (Managing Director), back – Mr Shahin (WSH Coordinator).

Certificate of Appreciation were also handed out to our WSH Committee Member for their strong commitment in ensuring excellent workplace safety and health.

Photo 4: Group photo of the WSH Committee for Year 2022

Our staff enjoyed the night. They were able to eat together with their workmates in an informal setting which is paramount to improving our teamwork culture. Lucky draws were done with $250/- gift voucher as the top prize.

Photo 5: Group photo of safety award recipients for the month of December 2022.

Photo 6: Ms Sara (Daughter of the Managing Director), with one of the lucky draw winner.

Photo 7: Buffet style Indian food provided during the event.

Photo 8: Employee and management staff engagement during the event..

As we recognise and celebrate the Award recipients, trust that we will keep our WSH spirit strong and inspire our colleagues, workers, contractors, clients, partners and one another to achieve the same. Together, we need keep on track in achieving high WSH standards so that our workers can go home safe and healthy.

Our heartiest congratulations to all our Award recipients


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