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Company’s Safety Time Out Program


Company’s ‘Safety Time Out’ (STO) program conducted in the month of September 2022

Refer to link below for press release by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on ‘Heightened Safety Period).


Company’s ‘Safety Time Out’ (STO) Program

After the announcement was released by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), our HSE team immediately came up with the company’s STO program and relevant resources (briefing slides, training material, checklist, etc) required for the program. We conduct these activities regularly before the MOM announcement, ensuring all works performed by our employees are safe.

Our top management visits workplaces frequently, conducting safety inspections as well as engaging our employees. Feedbacks on health and safety related issues are gathered during these engagement with the employees. Our company had also implemented the safety observation program, another channel for employees to highlight their concerns on health and safety related issues. These concerns are attended to by the relevant managers or raised during the monthly WSH Committee meeting.

In total, 168 risk assessments (RA) were reviewed by the HSE team, with additional measures implemented or to be implemented to further reduce the risk of workplace accident.

Examples of these measures include:
• Telematic Solution – Monitoring system that grades the driving behaviours and provide ratings on regular basis.
• Installation of CCTV system at our workshop and storage to monitor the work behaviours of employees performing works.

Other than the internal STO program, many of our employees were involved in external STO programs conducted by our clients at their workplaces. Stakeholders who are interested to find out more information on the company’s STO program and actions taken may request for a summary report from the company’s HSE Department.

Safety Time Out (STO) conducted with the clients

Internal Safety Time Out (STO) conducted by the management team


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