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Yard Relocation


Having identified the operation and storage constraint at the existing facility in Banyan, we managed to secure a larger land space in Tembusu Crescent with a land area that is almost triple the size of the current facility.

We expect that this relocation will complete by January 2022.

With this new facility, we will be able to increase storage capacity for SIP while having sufficient space to carry out multiple operations concurrently and safely. Operations including but not limited to :-

  1. Scaffolding – Maintenance and repair of scaffold materials;
  2. Insulation – Fabrication of insulation and sheet metal;
  3. Blasting and Painting – Works inside designed containers and external;
  4. Material Handling – Loading/unloading of materials, storage, etc;
  5. Hot Works – Welding, grinding, cutting, etc.

This will enable us to provide our clients who are in Jurong Island better support and services, with a shorter response time and convenience for our clients.



Tembusu Crescent before taking over of land space   

Concreting Works

Concreting Works – Cont’d

Placing of Store container and materials

Upcoming activities:-

Erecting Shelter;

Setting up of store, office, electrical power, etc

We will update our relocation so as appropriate and look forward to showing you.

Thank you.

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