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The time has come once again where we get together as one big family, to celebrate our health and safety achievements, as well as to show our appreciation and reward employees for their contribution in ensuring a healthier and safer work environment.

Our company recently held our Annual Safety Night on the 11th of November 2023 at our Benoi office. This year’s event is special for the employees, as it was graced by the presence of Mr. Fujita’s (President, DAISAN) and his family.

Our employees who attended the event were delighted to have the great opportunity to meet and mingle with our management team as well as our Guest of Honour (GOH), Mr. Fujita.

The event was attended by employees from various departments and sections. The attendees were greeted with a sumptuous buffet dinner, safety awards, quiz and lucky draws prizes. The event’s atmosphere was further elevated by performance/sing-along session.

Photo 1: To capture all the smiles and for an everlasting memory, a group photo was taken to kick start the event.

Opening address by Mr Fujita Takeoshi (Guest of Honour)

The Guest of Honour (GOH), Mr Fujita Taketoshi (President, DAISAN), gave his opening address for the event. He was extremely delighted to join the event and meeting the employees. He thanked everyone for their hard work, dedication and efforts in providing a safe workplace for everyone.

Photo 2: Opening address by the event’s Guest of Honour (GOH), Mr Fujita Taketoshi (President, Daisan).

Opening address by Mr Sumiya (Managing Director)

Mr Sumiya Takeshi (Managing Director) opened his speech by thanking everyone for showing exemplary commitment to workplace safety and health. In his speech, he emphasized on our Company’s Core Values (Safety, Quality & Kaizen) and reminded everyone to utilize their ‘Stop Work Authority’ powers on jobs site, if any unsafe practise or condition is being observed. He ended his speech by stating that he wants everybody to come to work safely and to go home to their loved ones safely.

Photo 3: Mr Sumiya Takeshi (Managing Director, Mirador Building Contractor) addressing the employees
at the Annual Safety Night.

Outstanding Safety Performance Award 2023

Every year, employees with the best health and safety performance are selected through an evaluation process by the company as recipients for the ‘Outstanding Safety Performance Award’. This year, 4 employees were awarded the ‘Outstanding Safety Performance Award’ for their excellence health and safety performance for year 2023. The employees are:
1. Islam Riazul
2. Rahman Sadekur
3. Sarif
4. Mathbar Sharif

Photo 4: ‘Outstanding Safety Performance Award’ recipients for year 2023.  From left – Mr Dex Ko (General Manager), Islam Riazul, Rahman Sadekur, Sarif, Mathbar Sharif, Mr Fujita Taketoshi (President, Daisan), Mr Sumiya Takeshi (Managing Director, Mirador), Mr Shahin (Lead WSH Coordinator).

WSH Committee 2023

The company’s Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Committee consists of employees from various department and sections. A ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ were handed out to our WSH Committee Member for their strong commitment in ensuring excellent workplace safety and health.

Photo 5: A group photo of the WSH Committee for Year 2023

Photo 6 & 7: Lucky draw prize winners receiving hampers from Ms Sara and Ms Kiyomi – daughter (left) &
spouse (right) of Mr Sumiya Takeshi.

Event Performances

The sing-along session/performance drew the most attention during our event. To everyone’s surprise, Mr Fujita Taketoshi (President, Daisan) and Mr Sumiya Takeshi (Managing Director, Mirador) spontaneously participated in the performance by singing a song together.

Photo 8 & 9: Spontaneous sing-along session performance by Mr Fujita Taketoshi & Mr Sumiya Takeshi (left photo)
and Mr Marco & Mr Fujita Taketoshi’s daughter (right photo).

Photo 10 & 11: Employees enjoying their sumptuous buffet dinner.

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