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Providing you with a safe access,
safe working platform and a peace of mind

Mirador is an Approved Scaffold Contractor certified by the Ministry of Manpower since 2003. We have been erecting scaffold for various plant and projects in Singapore as well as the surrounding islands.
Erecting quality scaffolds to provide tradesman with safe access to their work location, safe and secure platform to carry out their duties at high elevation, helps our customer improve their productivity with a safe working environment. Having a skilled, experienced, committed and competent workforce enables Mirador to provide excellent customer service and high quality of the work to our customers. We prioritise safety, efficiency and professionalism to deliver the best results for you and support you to meet your deadline on time.


  • Maintenance

  • Turnaround

  • Project


Mirador aims to be strong & progressive,
a preferred mechanical contractor of your choice.

The Mechanical division was started in 2018, and has established itself as a preferred contractor for clients in Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas and Energy industry. The mechanical division’s core team has over 10years relevant experience and have been part of some landmark engineering projects over the years.

The Mechanical division’s
main scope of work are as follows;

  • Plant Maintenance.

    In-house contract work

  • Plant Turn-around/Shutdown Specialist.

  • Piping Engineering.

    Design, Fabricate & Installation

  • Structural Engineering.

    Fabrication & Installation

  • Lifting Works.

    Lifting Team with qualified Signal & Rigger man, Lifting
    Supervisor and Safety Officer

  • Equipment Commission / Decommissioning.

  • Tank Fabrication & Installation Works.


“Energy Conservation”:
You can minimize wastage of energy through our Insulation services.

Thermal Insulation is one of the keys to conserve energy. And it is widely used to reduce energy consumption by preventing heat gain or loss.
This can be achieved through a focused “energy Conservation” program which is specifically designed to achieve the insulation performance targets. Mirador has over 15 years of experience coupled with our unbeatable expertise in insulation. Applications will help you save energy for your facility.

Applications handled by us range from -200°C up to 1450°C.
Apart from Hot, Cold and Cryogenic insulation, we are also able to carry out acoustic insulation for :

  • Sound proofing

  • Fire-proofing insulation for fire protection

  • Ventilation insulation for prevention of moisture build up

  • Personal / burnt protection insulation to prevent accidental contact to metal surface.

We can provide you all the necessary Technical back-up in regard to selection of materials and ancillaries which are most important for a proper "Insulation System". We also provide all type of insulation as Acoustic insulation for sound proofing, Fire protection insulation as well Personal protection insulation.


  • Expansion and new build projects insulation contracts.

  • Long form Maintenance contracts.

  • Shutdown Maintenance contracts.

  • Sub-contracts.

  • Materials sales & supply.

Operations & Maintenance

You can greatly depend on us
for operations and maintenance of your facility.

Mirador is also capable of undertaking Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of various type of plant and has proven track record and experience of having provided services in the energy and water industries.
As our O&M team comprising of highly experienced engineers and operators, we have gained immense experience in handling variety of operation and maintenance scope of works.
Namely in the sections of operating refuse/ash crane, waste water treatment, weighbridge, boiler house and many more. Our services can be customized to the specific needs of each individual customer. Additionally we are experienced in providing integrated services related to mechanical, electrical, controls & instrumentation, scaffolding, insulations and electrical works across the industries. Our customers acknowledged our services as a cost-effective approach because of our technical expertise. We continue to build a strong relationship with various reputed local and international customers throughout the years.


Electrical work to solve your all electrical problems.

We provide a comprehensive range of services for Electrical Projects & Systems that include HT & LT power installation, Building services installation as well as maintenance of electrical system and equipment for essential services. We also provide facilities maintenance for Data Centre, Newater Plant, Power Plant and Incineration Plant in Singapore. Our skilled and experienced electrical team will definitely be able to provide effective, efficient and cost saving solutions for your project.

Other Services

Providing high quality skilled workers for your project success.

Mirador supports you by providing manpower for your projects. We identify right talent and fit for your requirement based on our over decades international experience in manpower supply. We select the manpower not only based on their soft-skills and technical skills, but on their past work performance and track record as well as the personal attributes. Our multi-level screening and recruitment process enables us to choose the high quality professionals for any requirement. Mirador’s Manpower services is the right fit.