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Painting And Blasting
Mirador is an industry leader in surface cleaning, preparation and the application of protective coatings. Mirador’s painting and blasting boasts 24-hour service, ensuring your project’s needs are consistently met. We are steadfast in our efforts to individualize each customer’s requests and adapt our services to their blasting and painting needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to perform blasting and painting on a variety of surfaces and structures.

With multiple industry certifications, and a best-in-class safety record, Mirador painting and blasting services can address virtually any surface treatment and protection challenge. From surface treatment and coating in the harshest operating environments to ensuring the safety of your workforce against any odd event, Mirador’s painting and blasting services is of choice for construction, oil & gas (petrochemical) industries far and wide.

We’ve built a reputation for offering expertise and convenience to our clients. As you plan your company’s blasting and painting needs, please keep Mirador in mind. We look forward to the privilege of discussing further our experience, references, insurances and qualifications as a leading blasting and industrial coatings provider. [contact us]